A. Hupfel’s Sons Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 408 c, d, f)

Years of Operation: 1873 to 1920

Location: 164th St. & 3rd Ave, Bronx

Description: The history of A. Hupfel’s Sons started with Xavier Gnant’s brewery which opened at this Bronx location in 1857. In 1863 after Gnant passed away the brewery was taken over by Anton Hupfel who already operated another Brewery (J. Chr. G. Hupfel Brewing Co.) on 38th St. in Manhattan. When Hupfel acquired Gnant’s brewery he named it “Anton Hupfel” and according to One Hundred Years of Brewing H.S. Rich & Co. (1903) “Mr. Hupfel immediately made radical improvements in the plant, one of which was the addition of rock cellars, whose use at the time was considered a great advantage to the business”. In 1873 Hupfel turned full control of the 161st St. brewery over to his two sons J. Chr. G. Hupfel & Adolph G. Hupfel and the name was changed to “A. Hupfel’s Sons Brewery”. The two sons remained in partnership until 1883 when J. Chr. G. Hupfel left to take over his father’s brewery on 38th Street, leaving Adolph Hupfel in charge of running the 161st st. brewery. Lager was the only beer reportedly produced by the Hupfel’s breweries.

A. Hupfel’s Sons bottle w/ great picture of beer keg and LAGER BEER embossed. This same variation also comes in amber (not pictured). The amber example seems to be rare compared to the aqua color.