References & Resources

Below is a list of publications that are either referenced throughout the site or recommended if you are interested in doing further research. Although all of these contain a wealth of knowledge I would like to particularly recommend:

Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York– by Gary Guest. In my opinion this is the most comprehensive and valuable resource you can find on NYC beer bottles.

The Breweries of Brooklyn– by Will Anderson, this book contains a great deal of information particularly on the history and background of Brooklyn’s breweries.

American Breweries & American Breweries II– A reference book which contains the dates of operation and addresses of almost all known pre-prohibition breweries in the U.S. and has unique alphanumeric reference numbers for each brewery that you will find on this website.

100 Years of Brewing– A reference book containing over 700 pages covering the history of early brewing throughout the world and details many of the popular breweries from the early 1800’s up until 1903 when it was originally published.

All Resources in Alphabetical Order

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