Inspired by a love for drinking beer and an interest in the brewing history of NYC, I started a journey of exploring pre-prohibition breweries and the beer bottles that remain. Living on Long Island, I became interested in antique beer bottles after finding many out in the waters of the Great South Bay. After 20 years of collecting and reading numerous publications, I created this site for everyone to enjoy the beers of old New York.

The format is broken into separate sections for Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx & Staten Island. Each bottle listed has a link which connects to background information on the brewery or bottler who produced the beer.

I’ve done my best to provide accurate information, but am certainly not a professional writer, researcher or web designer so with that being said I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Also, some of the information I found is limited and in some cases nonexistent. If you have information not listed, please reach out and share your thoughts and knowledge.

Lastly, if you want to learn more, please check out the references page. I would not have been able to put this website together without the resources listed there. Many thanks to the authors & collectors out there who have helped support my interest and make this project possible.


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