Adolph Anthes Staten Island Lager Bier

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1869 to late 1870’s

Location: 2 Head Place, Boston MA

Description: Adolph Anthes was a beer bottler located in Boston, he can be found listed in the Boston Almanac & Directories listed as: “Bottler of Staten Island Lager Bier” in years 1876 & 1877. Anthes advertises that he is the sole agent for Rubsam & Horrman’s brewery located in Staten Island NY.

This aqua colored Adolph Anthes bottle has a round slug plate embossed “STATEN ISLAND LAGER BIER” Anthes chose to spell beer the German way (Bier) which was popular among German Brewers/Bottles at the time. “H.B.” Monogram can be found embossed on the base. Photo taken by David Tingen.
Adolph Anthes “Staten Island Lager Beer” Advertisement
Adolph Anthes “Staten Island Lager Beer” Advertisement