Anheuser Busch-O. Meyer & Co.

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1891 to 1905

Location: 104 Broad St. 12th Ave. Between 120th & 130th St. (Harlem Branch)

Description: O. Meyer was a beer bottler and New York based agent for St. Louis M.O. based Anheuser-Busch. “By the 1900’s there weren’t many areas of the country where one could not get ahold of an Anheuser-Busch beer. This of course was made possible by the railroad, which by the 20th century was truly transcontinental, and the brewery took full advantage, shipping their beer from coast to coast” Antique beer bottles of old New York” Guest, Gary 2004. Anheuser-Busch produced lager beer under their popular “Budweiser” brand, this well known name led to the closure/re-naming of the Brooklyn based “Budweiser Brewery” during the 1890’s. Since A-B trademarked “Budweiser” in 1878 they pursued legal action against their unaffiliated competitor in Brooklyn (See: Budweiser Brewing Co.)

This O. Meyer bottle is clear but has a slight aqua/green color to it when held up to the light. The famous A.B. trade mark is embossed on the front along with “ANHEUSER BUSCH BREW ASSN, ST LOUIS MO” under that O.MEYER & Co. is embossed along with “NEW YORK”. Photo taken by David Tingen
Original Porcelain stopper w/ A.B trade mark and O.Meyer & Co. New York wording
Amber crown top variant