Anton Mannel

Business Type: Brewery (NY 100 c & e)

Years of Operation: 1882 to 1911

Location: 174 N. 9th St. Brooklyn

Description:  This brewery produced lager & weiss beers and utilized the German spelling of “Beir” on their bottles. According to “Breweries of Brooklyn” by Will Anderson, “Anton Mannel was primarily a Weiss beer brewer” but it is know that the brewery did produce lager as well. Business records show that Anton Mannel temporarily closed from 1901-1902 as the location is listed as George Ehret’s Weiss Beer Brewery for that short period. In 1902 the brewery once again operated under the name Anton Mannel until selling the business in 1910, the new owners changed the name to Strasser & Schwing Brewery.

Weiss Beer variation of the Anton Mannel bottle
Reverse side of the Weiss beer bottle, faintly embossed with date “1889”
This looks to be an early variation of the Anton Mannel bottle, it is embossed w/ brewery name along w/ address and “Lager Beer”. The bottle is also embossed “BKLYN, ED” for Brooklyn’s Eastern District which was a very popular location for brewing at the time.
This is a common variation of the Anton Mannel bottle embossed w/ “LAGER BIER” with the address “B’Way & Quincy St. & 174 N. 9th St.”
This is a slightly different and less common variation of the Anton Mannel bottle the same as above but without the “B’way & Qunicy St.” address listed. I would assume the bottle may have been produced prior to 1896 which was the year the brewery was listed as having a location on Broadway.
Original Anton Mannel bottle stopper