Apfel-Klueg Golden Horn Brewing

Business Type: Brewery (NY 114 c)

Years of Operation: 1898 to 1903

Location: 3rd Ave between 96 & 97th St, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn

Description: Founder George Apfel originally named the brewery after himself in 1897 but upon adding partner Klueg the name was changed in 1898 to Apfel-Klueg Golden Horn Brewing Co. A final name change would take place in 1903 when the brewery was simply called “Golden Horn Brewing Co.” (see “Golden Horn Brewing Co.)

This is the only variation of this bottle I have seen, except for “Apfel’s” being embossed it is nearly identical to the more common Golden Horn Brewing Co. bottles produced 1903 and later
This is the same variation as shown above but w/ original stopper intact
Apfel-Klueg porcelain stopper