Brunnemer & Co. Lager Beer

Business Type: Beer Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1877 to 1890

Location: 103 Bushwick Ave, 569 Grand St, 669-670 Grand St. Brooklyn

Description: This bottling company was owned by Fred Brunnemer. In addition to bottling beer it appears that Brunnemer also bottled liquor and mineral water. Besides the example below two other variations reflecting different addresses changes of the business can be found listed in Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York (Guest, Gary 2004). All variations of the bottle are embossed “E.D.” which indicates the Eastern District of Brooklyn which was at the time home to the majority of breweries and related businesses.

Aqua blob top bottle embossed “BRUNNEMER & CO 569 GRAND ST, BROOKLYN E.D.”
Back of bottle is embossed “LAGER BEER”