Budweiser Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 120 d)

Years of Operation: 1884 to 1898

Location: 1042 Dean St. Brooklyn

Description: Named after a beer recipe from Budweis, a city in Czechoslovakia, Budweiser Brewing Co. of Brooklyn quickly became a popular brand in NYC and beyond. Eventually, Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis who already trademarked the “Budweiser” name in 1878 noticed and filed a lawsuit. The brewery was forced to change it’s name in 1898 to “Nassau Brewing Company“. Apparently as part of the lawsuit Budweiser Brewing Co. was to destroy all bottles bearing the company’s name, this may be likely due to the fact that these bottles are not seen very often.

This variant has a slug plate w/ company name embossed, I would assume this is the older of the two examples shown

The second variant has a large embossed BBCO monogram