Claus Lipsius Brewing

Type of Business: Brewery (NY 71 c,d)

Years of Operation: 1876 to 1904

location: 493 Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn

Description: Henry Claus originally founded the brewery at this location in 1865, upon his passing in 1872 the business was left to his wife Catherina Claus. In 1876 Catherina remarried to a new husband Rudolf Lipsius who also happened to be a brewer. Once married the brewery was re-named “Claus-Lipsius Brewing Co.” This brewery produced lager beer in bottles with a six point star or “Brewer’s Star” which was used at the time to signify that the beer is pure and free of additives. In 1904, another major Brooklyn brewery, S. Liebmann’s Son’s purchased the Claus-Lipsius Brewing Co.

This seems to be a less common variant of the Claus-Lipsius bottle with a large double outlined star
Small star variation of the Claus Lipsius bottle
Claus Lipsius brewery porcelain bottle stopper