Congress Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 147 e)

Years of Operation: 1894 to 1917

Location: 169 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn

Description: The site that was eventually became known as Congress Brewing in 1894 (after several name changes) started as a brewery in 1855 by founder John Schneider. One notable legacy held by Schneider was that several of his staff went on to start their own successful breweries. Most notably Otto Huber, Charles Frese & Joseph Fallert

Aqua blob top variant embossed with “Congress Brewing Co. Ltd.” and “Table Beer” it seems that Congress was interested in marketing it’s mbrews for consumption in the home rather than to hotels and taverns like most other breweries of the time.
I find the “block letter” variant from Congress to be one of the most unique designs of all NYC beer bottles. I have no proof but would guess this is the most modern produced among the blob top variants that exist from this brewery.
Congress porcelain stopper
Congress Brewing Co. “La Favorita” label
Congress Brewing Co. Dragon Brand Export Beer
Congress Brewing Co. Pilsner label
Congress Brewing Co. Lager Beer label
Congress Brewing Co. Aurelia Lager Beer