Consumers Brewing Co. of Brooklyn

Business Type: Brewery (NY 372)

Years of Operation: 1893 to 1912

Location: Betts Ave. Woodside, Queens

Description: Consumer’s Brewery of Brooklyn is one among several examples of Queens, NY breweries capitalizing on Brooklyn’s well known brewing reputation. The excerpt below from “The Breweries of Brooklyn” by Will Anderson (1976) describes this further. “The Consumer’s Brewing Co. of Brooklyn stands as a real tribute to the popularity and fame of Brooklyn Beer & Brewing. The brewery was not in Brooklyn at all; it was located on Bett’s Ave. in Woodside, Queens (which isn’t even particularly close to Brooklyn) Yet the company’s management knew full well the value of the word “Brooklyn” when it came to beer – and consequently added it onto the brewery name”

This is the only variation of this bottle I have seen. Note the “Brooklyn, L.I. (Long Island)” embossment which goes along with the location as described above.