D.G. Yuengling – New York Branch

Business Type: Brewery (NY 416 c-e & NY 516 a,c,d)

Years of Operation: 1884 to 1897 (NYC Branch)

Location: 213 Front & 10th Ave & 128th St. Bronx

Description: D. G. Yuengling Jr. whose Father owned a very successful brewing business in Pottsville PA started an Ale brewery in 1871 on 128th St. & 4th Ave in the Harlem section of the Bronx. In 1875 Yuengling opened a second brewery on 128th & 10th Ave to specialize in Lager Beer production. Yuengling’s new brewing facility was setup with a massive underground cellar for cold storage needed in the production of lager. By the late 1880’s the facility was producing around 150,000 barrels a year. In 1897 Yuengling sold his business to Betz & Son’s Manhattan Brewery.

Aqua Yuengling bottle embossed ‘D.G. YUENGLING BREWING CO. NEW YORK”
This is a small half pint sized D.G. Yuengling bottle