Frank Ibert Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 104 a & b)

Years of Operation: 1891 to 1914

Location: 401 to 405 Evergreen Ave. Brooklyn

Description: In 1888 Frank Ibert and Joseph Eppig are listed as opening Eppig & Ibert Brewery in Bushwick at 176 Grove Street. The short lived partnership ended just a year later when Ibert left. Eppig remained at the original location and established “Joseph Eppig’s Brewery” which continued in business at this location until 1915. Ibert on the other hand setup his own operation just down the street at the intersection of Evergreen Ave. & Grove St. The “Frank Ibert Brewing Co.” opened in 1891. Will Anderson writes: “Ibert is thought to have only brewed lager, and it appears that he did no bottling. No bottles, embossed or labeled are known to exist, and a 1904 list of Brooklyn Brewers includes him with those brewers that did not have their own bottling facilities” (Anderson, 1976). Interestingly enough it seems that Frank Ibert did infact bottle atleast some of his beer, see bottles & labels below.

Frank Ibert label “Gilt Edge” beer
Anthony Ibert Jr. Bottling company bottle
Frank Ibert Brewing Co. letterhead
Frank Ibert Brewing Co. postcard