Frese & Urff Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 151 g)

Years of Operation: 1904 to 1907

Location: 242 Scholes St. Brooklyn

Description: The brewery at this location was originally established in 1860 by Robert Selg. The Selg family continued to run the brewery until 1875. After this, two partners Charles Frese & Hubert Fischer (a former business partner of well known Brooklyn brewer Leonhard Eppig) took over the location and began brewing under the name “Fischer & Frese”. Fischer exited the partnership in 1884 leaving Charles Frese to continue running the brewery until his passing in 1893. After his death, the Frese family continued operating the brewery changing the name to “Frese’s Consumers Brewery” in 1901 & later to “Frese & Urff Brewery” in 1904 and closed just a few years later in 1907. No information found on the other partner “Urff”.

This is the only “Frese & Urff” variant I have seen, given the short time the brewery was open it may be the only type.