G. Grenhart Bottled Lager Bier

Business Type: Beer Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1865 to 1880

Location: 121 Allen Street, Manhattan

Description: George Grenhart was a beer bottler in addition to other related businesses such as liquor sales and in his early early years he was listed as a saloon operator. Most notably he is also listed as a bottler for Geo. Ehret’s Lager Bier, a very popular brand in the late 1800’s.

Front of G. Grenhart Bottle embossed with address at 121 Allen St. NY
Reverse of G. Grenhart Bottle embossed “BOTTLED LAGER BIER”
This bottle is related to the G. Grenhart, years 1886 to 1887 he was registered at the 166-168 E. 92nd St. Address