Geo. Esselborn’s Son’s Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 497 e)

Years of Operation:1884 to 1900

Location: 613 & 615 W. 47th St. Manhattan

Description: This location had been used as a brewery since 1864 when Conrad Stein & Philip Schaefer opened Stein & Schaefer Brewery which operated just two years at this address. In 1875 the brewery re-opened under the name Brown & Esselborn and in 1877 the brewery was listed under the sole ownership of George Esselborn. In 1884 the name changed to Geo. Esselborn’s Sons (Presumably George Esselborn retired or passed away at this point leaving the business to his Son’s). It is assumed that the primary product brewed was Weiss Beer but not much additional information could be found on this brewery.

Traditional Weiss Beer shaped bottle. Embossed “Geo. Esselborn’s Son’s” w/ brewery address
The reverse of this bottle has an embossed G.E.S monogram and is dated 1889