George Winter Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 385 c)

Years of Operation: 1880 to 1888

Location: 55th St. Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue, Manhattan

Description: Little could be found about the George Winter Brewing Co. except for copies of advertisements like the one shown below or labels from the brewery. It would seem that Winter did not produce any embossed bottles with the name of his brewery, instead using bottler Anthony Wolff whose business “Central Bottling Co.” was located very near if not in the same building as the Geo. Winter Brewery. Interestingly if you look at the label pictured below the bottom reads “Bottled By: CENTRAL BOTTLING CO. BREWERY & BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT” it’s possible that Wolff may have brewed on his own for a period or may have been in business with Winter and considered part of the Brewery.

It is likely that Geo. Winter never produced any embossed bottles with his brewery name but above is a labeled bottle reading “George Winter Brewing Co., Special Brewing, RICE BEER, Bottled By: CENTRAL BOTTLING CO. BREWERY & BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT. This must have been a specialty product as “Rice Beer” was not a popular widely produced brew at the time.
The reverse side of the labeled bottle is embossed ” CENTRAL BOTTLING CO. A. WOLFF” and shares the same address used by Geo. Winter’s brewery