H. Knobloch & Bro Weiss Bier

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1896 to 1901

Location: 313 East 83rd Street, Manhattan

Description: Not much information could be found about bottler Henry Knobloch. The company which was located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan was only in business 5 years before closing in 1901. The only Knobloch & Bro bottles that seem to be found are Weiss Beer style and the short time in business could be related to Lager Beer gaining a great deal of popularity by the turn of the century causing Weiss brewers and bottlers in many cases to close or shift production to focus on Lager.

Aqua Weiss Beer style blob top bottle w/ embossing “H. KNOBLOCH & BRO 313 E. 83RD ST N.Y.” W/ H.K.B. monogram in center.
Reverse side of bottle is embossed “WEISS BIER”