H. Koehler & Co. Fidelio Beer

Business Type: Brewery (NY 427 c-k)

Years of Operation: 1860’s to 1917

Location: 30th Street & 1st Avenue, Manhattan

Description: This brewing business was started by Hermann Koehler an Austrian immigrant who started brewing in the 1860’s with an initial location on Sherriff Street in Manhattan. Koehler started off as an ale brewer but eventually began producing lager as well. After some changes in location and Koehler’s death in 1889 the business was incorporated in 1891 with several Koehler family members serving as officers of the company. Records show that the name was changed to “H. Koehler & Company” in 1897. The brewery operated under this name until 1917 when it was changed to “Fidelio Brewing, Inc.”

Clear variation of the H. Koehler & Co. bottle, I have also seen examples of this bottle in aqua and amber colors
Aqua blob top, embossed w/ brewery name in script
Crown top example w/ original label