Henry Rusch Celebrated Lager Beer

Business Type: Bottling Company (For: A. Finck & Son’s Enterprise Brewery)

Years of Operation: 1883 to 1887

Location: 271 W. 43rd St. / 680 8th Ave. Manhattan

Description: According to “Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York” (Guest, G. 2004) Henry Rusch was a bottler for A. Finck & Son’s Enterprise Brewery which was located on 39th St. between 8th & 9th Ave’s in Manhattan. A. Finck & Son’s popular brew was named “Celebrated Lager Beer” which helps explain the embossing found on the bottle pictured below.

This is the only variation I have seen of this bottle, it is embossed with the “Celebrated Lager Beer” name.
Same example as pictured above