Henry Zeltner Brewing Co

Business Type: Brewery (NY 517a,b,c)

Years of Operation: 1860 to 1909

Location: 170th. Street & 3rd Avenue, Bronx

Description: Henry Zeltner moved to America in 1854 from Bavaria and in 1860 began brewing under a company named after himself in the Bronx. “The Brewers Handbook” an industry publication that detailed production numbers of breweries producing over 12,000 barrels of beer per year, Henry Zeltner’s brewery produced exactly the minimum barrels to be included in the publication in 1877 which would make it a smaller business at that point in time (by comparison the largest NYC brewery this was George Ehret’s who produced 138,000 barrels). Zeltner seemed to primarily or perhaps only brew lager beer. After his death in 1898 the company continued on for roughly 10 more years before ultimately closing in 1909.

This is the earliest Zeltner bottle pictured, I believe this one to be rare as I have not seen any other examples of this particular variation before.
This variation has the Zeltner name & address and “Lager Beer” embossed in large text.
This variation of Zeltner bottle has an embossed trademark with a triangle containing a “Z” surrounded by the words: “Absolutely Pure, Made of Malt and Hops Only”. This seems to be a more commonly seen variation compared to the others.
This Zeltner bottle is embossed with the brewery street address along with “Morrisania NY” which was the particular neighborhood in the Bronx where the brewery was located.