Hugo M. Otto Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 458 c)

Years of Operation: 1890 to 1905

Location: 19 Stuyvesant Street, Manhattan

Description: The history of this establishment dates back to the 1870’s when Franz Otto opened a Weiss Beer Brewery on nearby Eldridge Street. In 1890 relative Hugo M. Otto would take over the business and continue brewing Weiss Beer in a nearby location on Stuyvesant Street in Lower Manhattan. Paying tribute to the family business the bottles produced at the brewery were embossed “HUGO M. OTTO, SUCCESSOR TO FRANZ OTTO”. It appears the brewery closed at some point during 1905.

Aqua variation, Weiss beer size/shape bottle embossed “HUGO M. OTTO, SUCESSOR TO FRANZ OTTO”
Reverse of the Hugo Otto bottle has the same design as the Franz Otto bottle