J.H. Schmidtmann Lager Bier

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation:1864 to 1884

Location: 413 East 24th Street, Manhattan

Description: J.H. Schmidtmann is listed in NYC business records as a bottler of sodas, water, soda water & porter. Bottles from Schmidtmann’s business can be found with embossing’s detailing the following styles of beer: Porter, Ale, Lager and Cider (although not technically beer, you can see it embossed on the bottle below). I believe this company is related to if not the same as H. Schmidtmann

Aqua/ice blue variation embossed “J.H. SCHMIDTMANN 413 E. 24TH ST NEW YORK” *Photo taken by David Tingen
The reverse side of this bottle is embossed “LAGER BIER & CIDER 1875” it is interesting to see both beer and cider embossed on the same bottle. *Photo taken by David Tingen