James Everard’s Breweries

Business Type: Brewery (NY 393 a,b & NY 394 a,b)

Years of Operation: 1885 to 1926

Location: 12 East 133rd Street (and in 1904 3 East 134th Street), Bronx

Description: James Everard entered the brewing business in 1885. Born in Ireland in 1831, Everard was unlike the majority of brewers/brewery owners at the time who were predominantly of German decent. Everard’s first brewery on Washington Street produced ale & porter and was operated under a partnership “Shook & Everard”. Eventually in Everard would move to the addresses listed above and change names to “James Everard’s Breweries” and in addition to his previous offerings, he added lager beer production to his business.

Aqua Blob top style bottle embossed “James Everard” with star logo
This is a common crown top variation of the James Everard Brewery bottle, in addition to the brewery name and address the bottle has the company trademark, a star embossed on it.
James Everard aqua blob top bottle, embossed with brewery name, address & JE monogram
Aqua blob top bottle embossed “James Everard’s Breweries”
Amber crown top variant of the James Everard bottle.
Porcelain stopper