J&M Haffen

Business Type: Brewery (NY 412 b-d)

Years of Operation: 1871 to 1913

Location: 387 East 152nd Street, Bronx

Description: This address was originally home to a brewery in 1856 when Mathias Haffen, a German immigrant began producing lager beer at this location. According to One Hundred Years of Brewing (H.S. Rich & Co., 1903) Haffen strictly produced Lager Beer. Mathias ran the brewery under his name until 1871 when his Son John Haffen took over as president of the brewery and the name of the business was changed to “J & M Haffen”. Mathias remained as the Brewery’s Treasurer after his Son took control as President until he passed away in 1891. The J & M Haffen Brewery remained in business until 1913.

Clear blob top variant of the J&M Haffen bottle embossed with brewery name and trademark which is a Keg w/ wings
J&M Haffen advertisement