John F. Betz Manhattan Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 416 f)

Years of Operation: 1897 to 1901

Location: Amsterdam Avenue & 128th Street, Manhattan

Description: John F. Betz Sr. had a very successful career in brewing which included owning/operating breweries in Philadelphia, New York City and New Jersey. Betz brother in law, D.G. Yuengling was a long established well known Pennsylvania brewer. After establishing a brewery in Philadelphia Betz expanded into New York originally opening the “John F. Betz Eagle Brewery” located on West 44th St in 1853. And eventually opening the “John F. Betz Manhattan Brewery in West Harlem at the site which was previously home to his brother in laws NYC branch “D.G. Yuengling’s Manhattan Brewery”. When Betz started at this location in 1897 he began exclusively brewing lager beer but then soon added ales, porters and stout as well. In addition to his brewing ventures in Philadelphia and New York, Betz also started the “Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Co.” in Jersey City, NJ.

Clear variation of the John F. Betz Manhattan Brewery bottle. In my opinion Betz produced one of the most ornate and detailed embossing’s of all NYC beers. In addition to the brewery name and location the bottle features the seal of New York State along with the motto “Excelsior”.
This amber colored John F. Betz bottle seems to have the same embossing as the clear example. The amber seems to be scarce compared to clear and aqua colors.
This is an aqua colored version of the John F. Betz bottle. W/ lightning style stopper
Clear variation of the John F. Betz bottle
Original John F. Betz porcelain stopper
John F. Betz Brewery Extra Lager Beer label
John F. Betz Lager Beer label

John F. Betz Bock Beer Label