John H. Doerrbecker Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 382 a,b)

Years of Operation: 1866 to 1883

Location: 188 William Street, Manhattan

Description: In addition to brewing, John Doerrbecker was also listed a saloon operator and liquor dealer. Doerrbecker opened a brewery on William Street in 1866. It seemed that Doerrbecker primarily brewed Weiss Beer as business records from the time associated him with this specific style. Additionally, some of his bottles can be found embossed: “WHITE BEER BREWERY”. In addition to Weiss, Doerrbecker also produced Lager beer at some point, perhaps to keep up with the high demand and popularity of the style. Although John Doerrbecker passed away in 1883 his wife, Mary would continue operating the brewery for two more years when it closed in 1885.

Early stoneware version of John Doerrbecker w/ oval debossed marking
Probaby an early to mid 1870’s variation of the John Doerrbecker bottle
John Doerrbecker Weiss beer bottle embossed “White Beer Brewery”
This is a Doerrbecker lager beer bottle, it is a champagne style bottle and stands out among the other bottles this brewery produced which were all shorter Weiss beer or stoneware bottles.