Joseph Doelger’s Sons

Business Type: Brewery (NY 405 d,e,f)

Years of Operation: 1882 to 1913

Location: 227 to 234 East 54th Street, Manhattan

Description: The history of this Brewery dates back to Joseph Doelger who moved to America in 1843 from his native country of Bavaria. Doelger opened a brewery on Stanton St. (NYC) in 1846 where he primarily produced lager beer. 100 Years of Brewing classifies Doelger as “One of the pioneer lager brewers of this country” (H.S. Rich & Co., 1903 pg. 232). Doelger moved locations a few times eventually ending up at the address listed above on E. 54th St. in 1863. The Brewery would eventually go on to be run by Doelger’s two Son’s Jacob & Anthony and the name was changed officially in 1882 to Joseph Doelger’s Son’s Brewery. In 1895 Jacob purchased his brothers interest in the company and went on to run the brewery until it closed in 1913.

Aqua Jos. Doelger’s Sons bottle w/ brewery address embossed. There is one other variation of this bottle I have seen.