Joseph Fallert Brewing Co

Business Type: Brewery

Years of Operation: 1878 to 1920 (soft drink production continued until 1932)

Location: 52-66 Meserole St. & (with offices/expanded operations also listed on Lorimer St. Brooklyn)

Description: Joseph Fallert was among one of the biggest names in the Brooklyn brewing industry. As a German immigrant Fallert was said to have worked under some of the other famous breweries of the 1860’s/70’s most notably working under Otto Huber. According to Will Anderson’s book “Breweries of Brooklyn” Fallert opened their own bottling works in 1892 and produced over 50,000 barrels a year by 1900. Overall The business remained open as a brewery for 42 years then produced non-alcoholic drinks from 1920 until closure in 1932. The building, which is red brick with an ornate castle like appearance still stands unused on Meserole St. as of 2020.

This appears to be one of the older variations of the Joseph Fallert bottle, it is embossed with an intricate JFBCO monogram
This variation with the arrow trademark seems to be most common among the Fallert bottles
This variation seems to be less common overall, I have not seen any other examples of this particular one
Amber crown top variant of the Joseph Fallert bottle. Has the “arrow” trademark in the center
This is probably one of the most recently produced variants of the Fallert bottle. It is a machine made crown top.
Fallert porcelain stopper with arrow trademark