Lion Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 492 a-f)

Years of Operation: 1852 to 1941

Location: Columbus Avenue & 107th & W. 108th Streets & 131-133 W. 107th Street, Manhattan

Description: The Lion Brewery has a history that began in the early 1850’s and spanned nearly 100 years until the early 1940’s when the business was ultimately acquired by another company (Greater New York Brewery, Inc). Throughout the years the brewery changed hands multiple times between a number of owners/partners but despite these changes over the years the Brewery would continue to retain the well known “Lion” name & trademark. Below is the breakdown of ownership/name changes as found in American Breweries II (Van Wieren, Dale, 1995):

  • 492a Speyers Brothers, Lion Brewery (1852-1860)
  • 492b (James) Speyers & (Emanuel) Berheimer, Lion Brewery (1860-1862)
  • 492c/d Bernheimer & (August) Schmid Lion Brewery (1862-1890)
  • 492e/f Lion Brewery of New York City (1903-1941)

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Stoneware bottle debossed w/ brewery name and Trademark “THE SPEYERS LION BREWERY, NEW YORK”
Close up of trademark
Half pint sized stoneware bottle (several inches shorter compared to the full pint sized variation above)
This is a Pilsner labeled Lion Brewing of NYC Bottle
Reverse side is embossed with the name of the bottler used
Lion bottle w/ Pilsner label
Lion trademark