Meltzer Bros Brewing Co

Business Type: Brewery (NY 131 a-c)

Years of Operation: 1865 to 1917

Location: 185 Suydam St. Brooklyn

Description: Meltzer Brothers Brewery was started Gottfried Meltzer & John Meltzer in 1865. The brothers originally located the business on Meserole St. but moved to the location listed above on Suydam St. in 1873. In the early 1880’s both Gottfried and John Meltzer passed away leaving the business to both their Wives who continued to run the Brewery until 1917.

This is a light green variation of the Meltzer Bro’s bottle embossed “MELTZER BROS BREWERY 185-207 SUYDAM ST BROOKLYN NY” *Photo courtesy of David Tingen
This variation of the Meltzer Bro’s bottle is interesting in that the street name is incorrectly spelled as “Sydam St” instead of “Suydam St”
This is an aqua variation of the Meltzer Bros bottle embossed “MELTZER BROS MB BROOKLYN NY”
Aqua Blob top variation of the Meltzer Bro’s Brewing Co. bottle
This clear crown top Meltzer Bro’s bottle has a large M.B. monogrammed trade mark. This variation seems uncommon, i have not come across any others.
Meltzer Bro’s porcelain stopper