Octavius Weiland

Business Type: Brewery (NY 514 b)

Years of Operation: 1875 to 1890

Location: 212 West 30th Street, Manhattan

Description: Octavius Weiland opened up his brewery in 1875 at the location of the former Andrew Natter Brewery which operated at this address from 1868 to 1874. During the early years of Weiland’s brewery he produced Weiss Beer. Weiland’s Son’s eventually took over his business and started a new company “Weiland Bro’s” in 1897 where they focused on bottling Lager Beer which had gained enormous popularity in NYC by the 1890’s. The brewery building is now long gone, the location is now home to a high rise building and is just a block away from NYC’s present day Pennsylvania Station & Madison Square Garden.

This is a small 6″ tall 2″ wide Octavius Weiland Weiss Beer bottle. It is embossed with the brewery’s name and address on the front “O. WEILAND 212 WEST 30TH ST, NEW YORK”.
The back of the same bottle shown above is embossed ” WEISS BEER, THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD”