P.H. Schweickert Coney Island Lager Beer

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1891 to 1897

Location: Van Sicklen Station/ Neptune Ave. W. 6th St. (Coney Island) Brooklyn

Description: From 1876 to 1884 this bottling company was located at 367 Pearl St. in Brooklyn and operated by Phillip Schweickert. In 1891, Schweickert’s Son, Phillip Schweickert Jr. opened his own bottling company on Coney Island. Schweickert Jr’s looked to operate until 1897.

This particular bottle was found underwater, it is frosted after spending many years in the ocean. One side of the bottle is embossed “BROOKLYN GARDEN LAGER BIER”
The other side of this bottle is embossed “PH SCHEIKERT JR. CONEY ISLAND”