Peter Doelger’s First Prize Lager Beer

Business Type: Bottler

Years of Operation: 1880’s ?

Location: 43, 45, 47 Newel St. Brooklyn

Description: Although Peter Doelger’s Brewing Co. was a NYC Brewery operating from 1859 to 1947. The bottles below are from William Heiberger a bottler/agent of Peter Doelger’s beer located in Brooklyn. In the 1800’s (up until the 1890’s) it was against the law for a brewery to also bottle beer on premise so in order to offer bottled beer many brewing companies ended up enlisting a private bottler(s) to handle the packaging of their beer. Such would be the case here where William Heiberger handled some (or perhaps all) of Peter Doelger’s bottling for a period of time.

Aqua Peter Doelger’s First Prize Lager Beer w/ oval slug plate, This seems to be a less commonly seen variation of this bottle
Here is a clear variation of the Peter Doelger’s First Prize Lager Beer bottle. Although it’s difficult to see in the photo it has a “tombstone” shaped slug plate that contains the embossing. There is also a slightly different clear variation without the slug plate (not pictured here).