Prospect Park Brewery

Business Type: Brewery

Years of Operation: 1898 to 1900

Location: Coney Island Ave. Brooklyn

Description: Prospect Park Brewing Co. was named after the large nearby park. The location was outside the typical “Brewer’s Row” area of Brooklyn that served as home to many popular breweries of the time. Prospect Park only remained in business two years before becoming Park Circle Brewing in 1901 (ultimately closing in 1905).

This is one of the most detailed trademarks I have seen among the Brooklyn breweries. The bottle itself seems slightly larger than those from other breweries and is inscribed “Full Pint, Pure Beer”. I have only seen a few examples of this bottle and do not know of any other variants that exist. All that I have seen are amethyst colored glass, I assume from sunlight exposure.
Close up image of the same bottle pictured above