Robert Finan Lager Beer

Business Type: Bottling Company

Years of Operation: 1889 to 1910

Location: 59 7th St. Hunterspoint, Long Island City, NY

Description: Robert Finan & Robert Finan Jr. were bottlers of Lager Beer, Mineral Waters and possibly Sodas. The business was located at a few different addresses over the years in the Long Island City / Hunterspoint neighborhoods right on the border of Brooklyn & Queens. Information on this bottling company can be found in “Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York” (Guest, Gary 2004). Other than that I could not find and additional information on this bottling establishment or the bottle shown below.

This is the only example of this bottle I have seen. It looks more like a Weiss style bottle than the typical champagne style blob top bottles that Lager Beer from NYC would typically be bottled in. It is a deep amber color, has a wide 3″ base and is 7 1/4″ inches tall. The front is embossed “ROBT FINAN, HUNTERSPOINT, L I CITY”.

The reverse of this bottle is embossed “LAGER BEER”