The Eastern Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 93 g)

Years of Operation: 1896 to 1914

Location: Bushwick Ave & Meserole St. Brooklyn

Description: The location was long home to various prior brewing operations and directly across from Otto Huber’s headquarters. Eastern Brewing Company went bankrupt in 1914 after 17 years in business.

This clear blob top Eastern Brewing bottle can also be found in aqua. It stands out with it’s large “beer mug” trademark in the center of the bottle surrounded by embossing with the name and address of the company.
This is an aqua colored Eastern Brewing Co. variant with “E.B.C” monogram instead of the embossed beer mug shown in the first example. I dont believe this one was widely produced as I have not seen other and cannot find it listed in any publications.
Eastern Brewing Co. letterhead