W.E. Brockway

Business Type: Brewery (NY 364.4 a & b)

Years of Operation: 1854 to 1872

Location: 82/92 East 11th Street, Manhattan (re-numbered 315/329 in 1869)

Description: William E. Brockway was a Manhattan brewer in business in the East Village section of the city from 1852 to 1872. In addition to brewing beer, Brockway also produced cider, mineral water & soft drinks. When Brockway’s brewery closed in 1872, Charles Whittemore opened his brewery at the location but only remained in business two years before closing. The last brewery to open at this location was G. S. Twitchell in 1874, this brewery was also short lived and closed just a year later. The site of the former brewery is now home to an apartment building.

Stoneware bottle de-embossed “W.E. BROCKWAY”
Close up of marking