Welz & Zerweck Brewery

Business Type: Brewery

Years of Operation: 1883 to 1920

Location: Myrtle Ave & Wycoff St. Brooklyn

Description: This brewery was originally established by John Welz in 1857. In the early days Welz was located on Schols street eventually moving to Myrtle Ave & Wycoff St. In 1883 John Welz retired, leaving his business to his Son John, Jr. & Son-in-law Charles Zerweck. Afterwards the brewery then became known as “Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery”.

This is an early variant from Welz & Zerweck it is embossed near the neck with a small W&Z monogram. Below this is an embossed picture of King Gambrius sitting on a beer keg surrounded by: WELZ & ZERWECK, HIGH GROUND BREWERY, BROOKLYN, NY”. This version seems to be the least common of the W&Z bottles. *Photo taken by David Tingen
Another earlier variant of the Welz & Zerweck bottle very similar to the example shown above. It is differentiated by the large “W.Z.” Monogram embossed below the neck of the bottle.
This is a very commonly found Welz & Zerweck bottle. In addition to the brewery name it has a picture embossed of a king sitting on a beer keg. w/ original stopper
Welz & Zerweck porcelain stopper
Amber early crown top W&Z. Embossed in slug plate “Welz & Zerweck High Ground Brewery, Brooklyn NY”
Aqua crown top variant of the W&Z bottle
This amber crown top variation of the Welz & Zerweck bottle is machine made probably produced close to 1920
Amber crown top Welz & Zerweck
Crown top Welz & Zerweck bottle