William Pond Knickerbocker / Wm. Pond & Co.

Business Type: Brewery (487 b-c)

Years of Operation: 1848 to 1863

Location: 164 West 18th Street, Manhattan

Description: Although not found listed by name in American Breweries II, business records show William Pond operated a brewery at the address listed above in 1848 and is listed at various other addresses on W. 18th street throughout the 1850’s and early 1860’s. In addition to brewing, Pond also produced mineral water and soft drinks.

Stoneware bottle de-embossed “W.P. KNICKERBOCKER”
close up of marking
Teal squat style bottle w/ smooth base. Embossed “Wm. Pond & Co. New York”
Reverse side is embossed “Philadelphia XX Porter & Ale”