A & W Feyh

Business Type: Brewery (NY 400)

Years of Operation: 1863 to 1869

Location: 266 Williams Street. Brooklyn

Description: Previously this location was previously home to William Feyh’s brewery from 1858 to 1863. Thereafter, the name is changed to A & W Feyh (Adrian & William Feyh) according to Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York (Guest, Gary, 2004) A & W Feyh was listed as a brewery at this location from 1863 to 1869 when Adrian Feyh completely took over the business. From 1869 to 1892 the location operated as Adrian Feyh’s Weiss Beer Brewery. Although not much additional information could be found it can be presumed that A&W Feyh likely produced Weiss Beer.

A & W Feyh Stoneware Weiss beer bottle, there are no glass A&W Feyh bottles I am aware of
The de-embossed wording stamped on the bottle advertises the company who produced the actual stoneware bottle “VITREOUS STONE BOTTLES, WARRENTED NOT TO ABSORB, HILL, BOSS & CO, MANUFACTURERS, POTTERIES AT MIDDLEBURY, OH” beneath that you can see the brewery name stamped “A & W FEYH, NEW YORK”