Adrian Feyh’s Weiss Beer Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 400)

Years of Operation: 1862 to 1892

Location: 266 & 266 1/2 William Street, Manhattan

Description: Adrian Feyh opened a brewery in Lower Manhattan in the early 1860’s. Feyh’s operation is listed in American Breweries II (Van Wieren, D. P., 1995) as “Adrian Feyh’s Weiss Beer Brewery”. This particular section of Manhattan would be home to several other popular Weiss Breweries during the late 1860’s through the 1880’s (Gustav Hertel, Franz Otto & John Doerrbecker also established themselves nearby). Feyh’s business would continue until 1893 when it closed. Several other Weiss brewers also ceased to operate around the same time perhaps due to the rise in popularity of Lager Beer throughout NYC & the rest of America. The address 266 William Street no longer exists, it is now part of the New York Presbyterian Hospital campus.

This stoneware bottle reads: Adrian Feyh 266 William Street, New York 1874
This example is similar to the one above debossed “ADRIAN FEYH 266 William Street, New York, 1873” it is a white glazed stoneware
This brand/stamp appears on the Adrian Feyh bottle above. It is from “H. KENNEDY, BARROWFIELD POTTERY, GLASGOW”
A beer bottle label, lithograph or other marketing material from Adrian Feyh’s Weiss Beer Brewery. Image courtesy of Hans Feyh