Gustav C. Hertel Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 418 a,b)

Years of Operation: 1870 to 1888

Location: 72 Delancey St. & 134 Elm St. Manhattan

Description: Gustavius C. Hertel was a Weiss Beer Brewer located on Delancey Street in the Bowery section of Manhattan close to other prominent Weiss brewers of the time including John H. Doerrbecker, Adrian Feyh & Franz Otto to name a few. Hertel’s Brewery remained at the original location just two years before re-locating within the same neighborhood in 1872 to 134 Elm Street. Elm Street no longer exists but once ran from Chambers St. to Spring St. (A small section of the street still exists but was renamed “Elk St.”). At the new Elm St. location Hertel continued operating this brewery until it closed in 1888. Another Brewery operated by John Scheufele would open at this location in 1893 but then closed after just two years in business.

Early stoneware variation of the Gustav Hertel bottle inscribed “Gust C. Hertel”
Gustav Hertel stoneware bottle w/ 134 Elm St. Marking
Gustav Hertel Weiss beer bottle embossed w/ name and address of brewery