Abbott-Katz Brewing Co.

Business Type: Brewery (NY 92 f)

Years of Operation: 1893 to 1896

Location: Corner of Meserole St, Scholes St. & Bushwick Ave. Brooklyn

Description: The original brewery at this location was opened in 1869 by Charles Gluck & Herman Scharmann who remained brewing in this building until 1873 when they moved to a new facility. After this the location was taken over by brewer Henry Urban who in 1879 was joined by partner Warren Abbott calling the operation Urban & Abbott Brewery. In the early 1880’s Abbott took complete control of the brewery and renamed it Warren G. Abbott Brewery and then simply W. G. Abbott Brewery. In 1893 Katz joined Abbott as a partner and the brewery was re-named yet again as The Abbott-Katz Brewery. Just a few years later in 1896 the brewery was re-named The Eastern Brewing Company. This brewery would remain in business at the location until 1914.


Embossed ABBOTT. KATZ BREWING CO. BROOKLYN, NY w/ A.K. monogram/trademark in the center. This is a rare bottle, I have not found it listed anywhere or seen any others.
Another very unique variation of the Abbott-Katz bottle. Aqua w/ embossed picture of a goat (it was common to see goat illustrations associated w/ bock style beer in the late 1800’s). The rest of the bottle is embossed ABBOTT-KATZ BREWING CO. BUSHWICK AVE, BROOKLYN, NY. Like the first variation this bottle is not listed or found anywhere else. I was very fortunate to have this bottle sent to me from someone who came across the website. In addition to it’s rarity it is also in very original condition w/ label and some dried up beer still stuck to the inside.
This is the reverse side of the variation shown above. This is a very interesting label that looks to be directly adopted from French Champagne company Piper Heidsieck (see below)
The Piper Heidsieck label looks extremely similar to Abbott-Katz (picture is from another collection)
Abbott Katz Brewing Co. letterhead