The Colonial Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 487 e)

Years of Operation: 1897 to 1901

Location: 232 to 242 West 18th St. Manhattan

Description: In 1897 The Colonial Brewery was formed after taking over the Bavarian Star Brewing Company which had operated at the location since 1891. Like many breweries of the time it was likely that Colonial had a bottling operation nearby in a separate building on West 17th St (see the different addresses listed on the bottles below). This brewery would only remain in business until 1901 when it would be taken over by the Eastern Brewing Company in 1901.

This bottle has a Native American pictured with “Colonial Brewery” and the W. 18th Street address embossed.
This second variation of the Colonial bottle has the same logo pictured with “Colonial Bottling” and the W. 17th Street address embossed which was likely the address of the bottling plant.