Conrad Eurich Brewing

Business Type: Brewery (NY 118 c)

Years of Operation: 1899 to 1903

Location: Wyckoff Ave, Weirfield St & Halsey St. Brooklyn

Description: Conrad Eurich purchased Leibinger Brewing Co. in 1899 for $251,000. Eurich, who previously operated a brewery in Baltimore was only open at his new Brooklyn location for four years. Upon closure, the location became home to Elm Brewing Co. until 1907 when this business also closed. Although the address is technically in Brooklyn, this brewery is located right on the Queens (Ridgewood) border. The original brewery is now long gone, a motel & gas station are now at the location where the building once stood.

This example of a Conrad Eurich bottle shares the same “hand holding axe” trademark adopted from the previous brewery: P.H. Liebinger that occupied the location until 1899. 
Eurich Porcelain stopper