Leblinger Brewing Co

Business Type: Brewery (NY 118 a & b)

Years of Operation: 1895 to 1899

Location: Wyckoff Ave. & Halsey St.

Description: The story of this Brewery started with a partnership between Philip Leblinger & Henry Oehm in 1887. The two men opened Leblinger & Oehm Brewing Co. at Wyckoff Ave. & Halsey St. which was right on the Brooklyn/Queens line and was considered Newtown/Ridgewood at the time. In 1895 the partnership ended and Leblinger went into business on his own which lasted until 1899 when his brewery was purchased by Conrad Eurich who would operate Conrad Eurich’s Brewery at this location until 1903 when it was again taken over by a new owner Elm Brewing Co.

This is one of two variations I know of, the other is nearly the same but instead of “Brewing” it is abbreviated “Brew’g”
This is another variation embossed “Brew’g”
P. H. Leibinger porcelain stopper
Leibinger & Oehm Ridgewood Brewery business card