Consumers Star Brewing Co

Business Type: Brewery (NY 133 c)

Years of Operation: 1902 to 1904

Location: Washington & Franklin Ave’s. Brooklyn

Description: Consumer’s Star opened in 1902 at the location which was previously home to F. Moesmer’s Brewery Inc. since 1898. The book One Hundred Years of Brewing (1903) explains that Moesmer sold his plant in February 1902 and Consumer’s Star Brewing Co. was formed with President Andrew F. Gunther as President. Consumer’s Star stayed open just two years before it closed in 1904. the location became home to four additional breweries over the next seven years, each of which did not last more than a few years.

This version is the only type I have seen, they don’t seem to be too common probably due to the fact the brewery closed after only two years