F. Moesmer Washington Brewery

Business Type: Brewery (NY 133 a,b)

Years of Operation: 1898 to 1902

Location: Washington Ave & Franklin Ave, Brooklyn

Description: According to Antique Beer Bottles of Old New York by Gary Guest, Frank Moesmer was first listed in business directories as a Brewer in 1891 at 63 Cent’l Pl Brooklyn and then listed as a Bookkeeper in 1892 at the same address. Throughout the following 10 years Moesmer and his son Frank Jr. were listed as brewers at several different locations with the final being Washington Ave and Franklin Ave right next to Prospect Park. Washington Brewery was sold by Moesmer in 1902 and began operating as Consumers Star Brewing thereafter.

Clear blob top F. Moesmer bottle embossed “WASHINGTON BREWERY, F. MOESMER, BROOKLYN”
The amber variation has the same embossing as the clear bottle but it seems to be less common in this color
Here is another amber variant boldly embossed “ F. MOESMER’S BREWERY BROOKLYN N.Y.” This one seems uncommon, it is unlisted anywhere as far as I am aware.